yours to give

March 23, 2012

Oh Creative One! The phrase at our house when the littles squabble over toys is, “That _____ is yours to share.” It is a nice saying in that it recognizes the person’s sense of ownership but also communicates the expectation that sharing is also a necessary part of life in our home. That being said, it doesn’t really surprise me much when a 4 year old simply doesn’t share very well, particularly objects she sees as necessary to her existence. It doesn’t surprise me because I don’t see most adults sharing prized possessions, “Here….you may borrow my car, my house, my….” Doesn’t happen much. Last night, on the final episode of Heidibot’s Project Runway All-Stars, Mondo said something to the effect the season reminded him that his gifts are for giving. 

Talented Creative One! I know how very special your gifts are. Though you may belong to the clan of photographers or designers or painters or singers or knitters that roam our earth, you do have something special that makes your work yours alone. But, this weekend, remember that your talents are yours to share. I’m always thankful when you do share because your work often awakens something in my own creative soul. Many thanks my dear creative one!


yes, they can

December 9, 2010

Oh Creative One, my daughter took ages unbuttoning her pyjammas this morning. We weren’t in a rush as we were snowed in for the 2nd day in a row and my ever-gestating tummy makes ice-walking particularly concerning especially with my husband away. Though I didn’t mind the time passing thru her chubby 3 y.o. hands, she kept saying, “I can do it. I can do it.”

Snowbound Creative One, it would seem that I would say you should trust yourself to do your creative work after that example. But really, I want you to remember to trust your audience. They want you to succeed. They want to be thrilled by your work. Trust them with the leaps you’d like to take with them in your creative journey. They can do it.

wiggle while you work

October 26, 2010

Oh Creative One! Last night, ooof. My husband is away on a business trip, my daughter had a issues with sleeping, I was gestating, and the only thing mildly entertaining on television was “Beyonce and Friends” on a video network here in the U.K. She is a wonderfully silly dancer. But, really, I am a sillier dancer. I love to dance. I am the first to boogie my woogie on any dance floor and I have the reputation and stories amongst family, friends, and strangers to prove it. It made me wonder if I missed my calling and then I remember that I don’t even have a voice to find even if I wanted to sing. It will just never be my day job. But, rather than careening down a the path of existential crisis whilst watching Beyonce as I usually would, I stopped to consider movement in conjunction with my work. Beyonce is a great singer, but her work has a different energy when she does her silly yet good gyrations. Some kids squirm while reading because their bodies need input even while doing a relatively sedentary task. My son reads better whilst standing up for this fact alone. Rebecca Solnit has written an entire book, “Wanderlust,” about the act of walking on creative beings from mathematicians to painters to philosophers.

Curious Creative One, consider how to add movement when you work. Can you hold your paintbrush differently, let your body tap its foot while you write, talk a walk while learning a new tune? Let the energy of movement feed your creativity.

call it what it is…

May 20, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’m watching America’s Next Top Model. I love the brain fluff and it’s a great escape from packing. Tyra says things like, “The two models will stomp to the death.” I love the show, but really? Death? No. No one will die at the end of the competition. Only one will win and that is far better than one dying.

Accurate Creative One! I’m all for analogies. As a writer, analogies are an irreplaceable tool. But, try being exacting for a moment. Use the true shade, the true note, the true word, the true emotion for the task before you. With your work grounded, you will be surprised at its strength.

Sing a new song…

March 23, 2010

Oh Creative One! Two cars honked so frantically that I thought we were about to be the subject of a deadly accident when my daughter dropped her prized possession, her objet d’amor, her cherished blankie, in the intersection today. They knew that a lost and soiled beloved would lead to a horrendous day. After retrieving her “Fifi” she made up a new song, “Fifi is good. Fifi is good. Fifi is mine and is good, good, good.”

Beloved Creative One, there’s nothing wrong with owning exactly what gives you comfort on your creative journeys. Bring it along and hum a new song as you set about your way.


March 12, 2010

Oh Creative One! You all know I’m an American Idol fan. But here’s what I don’t like. What I don’t like is that you don’t ever see what happens to these artists that don’t make it. The goal is shiny and big. But I find that the most inspiring artists are the ones that have a daily life with less bling.

Inspiring Creative One, what we don’t see is surgeon who is an amazing photographer, or the mum who tumbles words like small ocean stones, or the garbage man who plays a mean fiddle on Tuesdays at the pub. I am here to tell you that I see you and I’m so glad you’re here. Have a great weekend.

More Mythical Creatures

February 25, 2010

Oh Creative One! I am an American Idol fan. I’m not a “reality tv” fan, but I am an American Idol/ X factor fan. The theme this week was “defining moment.” Like “starving artists,” I also find “defining moments” unrealistic. If you listen to these guys, there is so very much practice that goes into defining moments. And, what’s more, these “moments” often do not fully define the artist. No heavens open. Money does not rain down on them. It’s a bit like mistaking a wedding for a marriage.

Patient Creative One, keep at it. Don’t let society’s belief in fleeting and ill-defined “defining moments” rule your creative life. You are here for a reason. You must practice. You must wake every day and choose to respect the artist that you are.