March 15, 2012

Oh, Creative One! I am a Project Runway fan. So much so, that even in light of this questionable all-star season, I am a watcher. I have it set on record and still watch it live. We creatives must take note of Mondo’s dilemma during last week’s episode. He was designing sketchless, which was normal for him, but quite different for the guest judge – Nanette Lepore. He was low, depressed, and hadn’t ever questioned his direction like that before. What did Mondo do? He stared at his un-moored creativity and kept at it. He literally powered through the doubt and worry and won the episode’s challenge.

Questioning Creative One! I often recommend taking a break or trying something new when you are in a worrisome rut. Not this time. This time, I want you to work past that fretful point. I want you to surround yourself with the process and environment that have helped you be successful in the past. Then, I want you to do too much, go too far, stare into that sickening pit of worry during your next creative block. You might find that you had nothing to worry about at all. Or, you might find that it does indeed truly stink, but that knowledge will bring its own lovely lessons to your creative doorstep.