yours to give

March 23, 2012

Oh Creative One! The phrase at our house when the littles squabble over toys is, “That _____ is yours to share.” It is a nice saying in that it recognizes the person’s sense of ownership but also communicates the expectation that sharing is also a necessary part of life in our home. That being said, it doesn’t really surprise me much when a 4 year old simply doesn’t share very well, particularly objects she sees as necessary to her existence. It doesn’t surprise me because I don’t see most adults sharing prized possessions, “Here….you may borrow my car, my house, my….” Doesn’t happen much. Last night, on the final episode of Heidibot’s Project Runway All-Stars, Mondo said something to the effect the season reminded him that his gifts are for giving. 

Talented Creative One! I know how very special your gifts are. Though you may belong to the clan of photographers or designers or painters or singers or knitters that roam our earth, you do have something special that makes your work yours alone. But, this weekend, remember that your talents are yours to share. I’m always thankful when you do share because your work often awakens something in my own creative soul. Many thanks my dear creative one!