Eat Your Cake

April 14, 2012

Oh Creative One! I am pregnant with my fourth. Due in about 5 weeks. I went out by myself the other night just to get a wee break from the lovely chaos that reigns at my house. At first I thought I was only away for a break and so I ordered a slice of delightful coconut cake at one of my favorite restaurants. Then, as technology would have it, my husband texted and said he would not be able to join me for dinner, I then ate a salad and a pizza at Zeppo’s all by myself. I looked incredibly pregnant, eating cake first and then my dinner which included the best margerhita pizza this side of the MIssissippi. So much so that 3 others around me and a pregnant waitress also commented with joy about my eating. It gave many as much pleasure as it gave my belly.

Hungry Creative One! Feed your creative self in any way that you see fit. Even if it goes against all the rules that usually work. It will give more than your creative self pleasure to see you do right by your creativity. So happy you’re here!! 


yours to give

March 23, 2012

Oh Creative One! The phrase at our house when the littles squabble over toys is, “That _____ is yours to share.” It is a nice saying in that it recognizes the person’s sense of ownership but also communicates the expectation that sharing is also a necessary part of life in our home. That being said, it doesn’t really surprise me much when a 4 year old simply doesn’t share very well, particularly objects she sees as necessary to her existence. It doesn’t surprise me because I don’t see most adults sharing prized possessions, “Here….you may borrow my car, my house, my….” Doesn’t happen much. Last night, on the final episode of Heidibot’s Project Runway All-Stars, Mondo said something to the effect the season reminded him that his gifts are for giving. 

Talented Creative One! I know how very special your gifts are. Though you may belong to the clan of photographers or designers or painters or singers or knitters that roam our earth, you do have something special that makes your work yours alone. But, this weekend, remember that your talents are yours to share. I’m always thankful when you do share because your work often awakens something in my own creative soul. Many thanks my dear creative one!

What to Do with Trophies

March 16, 2012

Oh Creative One! Every year on American Idol, it is the same thing. A singer is told that he/she has the “best voice” yet, or heard today or ever.  Early on, if you can hit a note and wear deodorant and pass for sane, then you are deemed to have a great voice and are slathered with compliments. I have been in a similar position. When someone likes my writing, a part of me is relieved and relaxed and thrilled. It feels  simply good to hear that someone else sees why you like what you do. Then, later on in the competition, the contestant falters. He/she fails to get the votes or hit the notes. What then? Where do the contestants go?  How abandoned the contestant must feel. How let-down the contestant must feel. Once told he/she was amazing and then told that he/she failed and is no longer the “best voice” yet, today, ever….

Adored Creative One! I’ve got a task for you. When you receive these compliments, I want you to put them on a shelf in your heart as if they were trophies. I want you to keep them as shiny markers of a moment in time. View these compliments as markers of the time when your talent and your hard work collided with another’s recognition. Put them on that shelf in your heart. Look at them now and then. Buff them up and let them sparkle. But do not take them with you when you walk out your door. They will become too heavy to carry and cumbersome if you take them all. What’s more, what will you do when you fail? Carry that with you too? No, these compliments and failures are simply markers in time. Do not let them get in the way of your gifts. Now, get back to work.


March 15, 2012

Oh, Creative One! I am a Project Runway fan. So much so, that even in light of this questionable all-star season, I am a watcher. I have it set on record and still watch it live. We creatives must take note of Mondo’s dilemma during last week’s episode. He was designing sketchless, which was normal for him, but quite different for the guest judge – Nanette Lepore. He was low, depressed, and hadn’t ever questioned his direction like that before. What did Mondo do? He stared at his un-moored creativity and kept at it. He literally powered through the doubt and worry and won the episode’s challenge.

Questioning Creative One! I often recommend taking a break or trying something new when you are in a worrisome rut. Not this time. This time, I want you to work past that fretful point. I want you to surround yourself with the process and environment that have helped you be successful in the past. Then, I want you to do too much, go too far, stare into that sickening pit of worry during your next creative block. You might find that you had nothing to worry about at all. Or, you might find that it does indeed truly stink, but that knowledge will bring its own lovely lessons to your creative doorstep.

Twinkle, Twinkle Jeremy Lin

February 23, 2012

I have a touch of Linsanity. It is startling as with my limited time, I generally prefer to read about arts or parenting over sports. Certainly I have Linsanity as his story is made for Hollywood. But, I didn’t catch Linsanity until I heard an interview with him. In it, he referred to his time being traded from team to team. No one understood why he was disheartened. He was getting an NBA paycheck. He said that he knew he always had more to give and just didn’t know how.

Disheartened Creative One! I know this feeling so very deeply that it has caused my Linsanity.  I want you to remember when you are lost that you are not the only one with more to give. There are many to rely on. That you must persevere. That once you land where you need to be, you will shine and cause those around you to twinkle as well.

Oh Creative One, so very sorry I left for so very long. I developed a drug-resistant lung infection the month before my son was born and then really needed a month to get better. I left you hanging. I can only hope you will accept my apology. Tell me how you’re doing. Then, enjoy this clip

Vulnerable Creative One! Where is that spot? Where is that place that can be the source of shame or the source of power? Find that spot, be it large or small. I totally trust you to find the power in it. Your creative bits will be so thankful. X

radical, dude

December 29, 2010

Oh Creative One, as you know, I’m on a Rebecca Solnit kick with her book “Wanderlust.” In my quest to find a Gary Snyder poem that she quotes in that book, I stumbled on the link below titled, “The Most Radical Thing You Can Do.” In it, the right to stay at home and find work locally is considered. Certainly, with my being 34 weeks pregnant and with the amount of moving  that I’ve done both within Glasgow and within the U.S., it hit a chord with me. If I consider the definition of radical to mean a change from the traditional or accepted norm, finding one place to live certainly would be radical for me and my family.

Radical Creative One! Consider what would be the most radical thing you can do within your work. What are the traditions and accepted norms you have accepted as your own? Perhaps you have agreed with a definition of your work as sweet, violent, intriguing, joyful or _____? Perhaps there is a method to your creation that you routinely follow? Or a standard subject matter? A theme, a color, or a tool, you return to time and again? Consider what would be a change from these personal traditions and accepted norms in your work. Make a radical change, however small it may look from the outside, it will feel large and stimulating from the inside.


December 28, 2010

Oh Creative One, this morning I awoke to a compliment about the other blog I keep, It is from a person I know to be as true as a person can get and it really improved my mood.

True Creative One! Remember to compliment those within your creative community. I guarantee the effort of expressing your opinion will be worth it tenfold to the receiving creative.

after i gave up

December 27, 2010

Oh Creative One, I wanted to come back from my break all chipper and skipping along. But, the point of this blog is not to be fake or saccharin. I received a rejection letter over the break. That plus 4 weeks being housebound due to weather, a lack of UK driver’s license, and 3rd trimester pregnancy mixed in with a sick kid, being stuck in a house that can’t be kept warm no matter how many sweaters I wear, a note from the NHS 4 weeks late saying I have another infection with the pharmacies closing imminently, no invitations to celebrate with anyone in the UK, and being far from home with no visitors over Christmas and few gifts delivered on time due to the weather… Too much. Just way too much for me. Sometimes the mantra, “do what you love to do and the rest will come,” seems like a lie. An outright lie. I just feel like giving up some mornings. Even though I’ve never met my rejector or seen her on tv, I wonder if she is my Simon Cowell, my voice of “best quit and stick with your day job.” I wonder if I had listened to my creative self earlier on in my life if I would be in such a stuck place. So, I tearfully gave up. For a few days I allowed myself to think, “This is it. I am done.” I made cookies with my kids, tidied the house like mad, stared off at the frost blistering on the single pain window outside my kitchen window… Then, those words and stories and poems starting whispering to me -maybe just try a different way…

Overwhelmed Creative One, thank you for allowing me to be your company while you give up. More importantly, when you’re ready let me whisper to you to try again. Allow yourself to listen to me and indeed, try again.

you will be needed

December 22, 2010

Oh Creative One, the best I can find for the volkswagen ad mentioned a few weeks ago is here:

I hope you can link to it on facebook. It is an amazing ad. I mean really, thank you camera dudes and lighting dudes and dancers and choreographers and set and costume and music dudes and advertising dudes.

Energizing Creative One! YES! Keep at it. Someone will find your work and need it. I promise you.