What to Do with Trophies

March 16, 2012

Oh Creative One! Every year on American Idol, it is the same thing. A singer is told that he/she has the “best voice” yet, or heard today or ever.  Early on, if you can hit a note and wear deodorant and pass for sane, then you are deemed to have a great voice and are slathered with compliments. I have been in a similar position. When someone likes my writing, a part of me is relieved and relaxed and thrilled. It feels  simply good to hear that someone else sees why you like what you do. Then, later on in the competition, the contestant falters. He/she fails to get the votes or hit the notes. What then? Where do the contestants go?  How abandoned the contestant must feel. How let-down the contestant must feel. Once told he/she was amazing and then told that he/she failed and is no longer the “best voice” yet, today, ever….

Adored Creative One! I’ve got a task for you. When you receive these compliments, I want you to put them on a shelf in your heart as if they were trophies. I want you to keep them as shiny markers of a moment in time. View these compliments as markers of the time when your talent and your hard work collided with another’s recognition. Put them on that shelf in your heart. Look at them now and then. Buff them up and let them sparkle. But do not take them with you when you walk out your door. They will become too heavy to carry and cumbersome if you take them all. What’s more, what will you do when you fail? Carry that with you too? No, these compliments and failures are simply markers in time. Do not let them get in the way of your gifts. Now, get back to work.



January 29, 2010

Oh Creative One! They are celebrating Robert Burns Day today at his Scots primary school. A sea of kilt clad wee-uns met us at the ground’s gates. It was such fun! But, before the fun, my son had a tantrum, one in which he was sure that the world was imploding, his toys were self-combusting,and his life was to be in RUINS FOREVER. All because he couldn’t find and then couldn’t reach the red kilt we bought at a tourist shop last year. In the midst of this searching-for-the-kilt tantrum, we found the following: his missing school uniform tie, clean underwear, dirty underwear, a birthday card from his buddy, a beloved car, Gordon the stuffed dog, and a tidy bedroom floor.

Lovely Creative One! A bit of uncomfortable self-made chaos doesn’t mean that the world is out to get you. My advice to you is the same as it is to my son. Take a deep breath.  Be amazed and thankful for what you do find in the swirling mist. Wear what you find, if it’s acceptably clean. Have fun. See you Monday…

…more than you think.

January 22, 2010

Oh Creative One! “She’s not going to eat her baby. She’s just carrying the baby away to a safe dark den. She doesn’t have thumbs. That’s why she uses her mouth.” I’ve neither explained to my son about opposing thumbs nor have I told him how gentle such sharp teeth can be. Yet, this is what my 5 y.o. told to my terrified 2 y.o. while watching a BBC documentary on leopards. They then proceeded to attempt to lick each other like they are leopards cleaning each other’s fur and mewing like baby leopards and then somehow our cuddle-fest turned in to a wrestle-fest and it was difficult to put them down to bed.

Smart Creative One! I’m guessing your piece has a logic and knowledge of which you aren’t cognizant. Much like my son, your piece has figured out the use of its metaphorical thumbs and how to compensate when only large, padded paws are available. Be open to the intelligence created within your piece. You will find comfort and wonders there.