Eat Your Cake

April 14, 2012

Oh Creative One! I am pregnant with my fourth. Due in about 5 weeks. I went out by myself the other night just to get a wee break from the lovely chaos that reigns at my house. At first I thought I was only away for a break and so I ordered a slice of delightful coconut cake at one of my favorite restaurants. Then, as technology would have it, my husband texted and said he would not be able to join me for dinner, I then ate a salad and a pizza at Zeppo’s all by myself. I looked incredibly pregnant, eating cake first and then my dinner which included the best margerhita pizza this side of the MIssissippi. So much so that 3 others around me and a pregnant waitress also commented with joy about my eating. It gave many as much pleasure as it gave my belly.

Hungry Creative One! Feed your creative self in any way that you see fit. Even if it goes against all the rules that usually work. It will give more than your creative self pleasure to see you do right by your creativity. So happy you’re here!! 


Fear Not

April 10, 2012

Oh Creative One! One of my most favorite things to do is to listen to people who do their jobs well. This weekend, whilst running errands I heard the best interview with Brad Ausmus. Keep in mind, I am not a baseball fan. I am simply a fan of people who love thier jobs. When I listen I hear many lessons to take with me on my own personal journey. About halfway thru, he talks about fear. Simply put, he talks about how no pitcher will win a game playing into his fears.

Worried Creative One, listen to the interview if you can. Enjoy all the tidbits that can be gleaned from admiring a job well done. Above all, today’s entry is a reminder that you must put your fears aside. Play into your strengths and use them. Be brave. Thankful you’re around!!