Twinkle, Twinkle Jeremy Lin

February 23, 2012

I have a touch of Linsanity. It is startling as with my limited time, I generally prefer to read about arts or parenting over sports. Certainly I have Linsanity as his story is made for Hollywood. But, I didn’t catch Linsanity until I heard an interview with him. In it, he referred to his time being traded from team to team. No one understood why he was disheartened. He was getting an NBA paycheck. He said that he knew he always had more to give and just didn’t know how.

Disheartened Creative One! I know this feeling so very deeply that it has caused my Linsanity.  I want you to remember when you are lost that you are not the only one with more to give. There are many to rely on. That you must persevere. That once you land where you need to be, you will shine and cause those around you to twinkle as well.


Dinosaurs in Snowdrifts

February 1, 2012

Adored Reader! I am that small voice. Here is your story: Yesterday I lost track of my 4 year old daughter. In her bedroom? No. Her brothers’? No. In my closet within my party dresses? In our cold garage on her bike? On the icy porch in her tutu? No. No. No. I called her name. I started to sweat despite the chill and then I spied her in her older brother’s winter garb under the frozen plum tree out back. There, she had carved a world where dinosaurs and fairies roamed peacefully in the snow. I wanted to interrupt her. Tell her of my fears. Demand that she answer to her name the next time around. But I did not. When else will such a world exist for her? For me?

Oh Creative one! Go ahead! That’s right, I give you permission to get lost in the worlds you imagine. Do not let anyone’s fears or demands enter your heart. Do not respond to your name is called for dinner time with loved ones.