radical, dude

December 29, 2010

Oh Creative One, as you know, I’m on a Rebecca Solnit kick with her book “Wanderlust.” In my quest to find a Gary Snyder poem that she quotes in that book, I stumbled on the link below titled, “The Most Radical Thing You Can Do.” In it, the right to stay at home and find work locally is considered. Certainly, with my being 34 weeks pregnant and with the amount of moving  that I’ve done both within Glasgow and within the U.S., it hit a chord with me. If I consider the definition of radical to mean a change from the traditional or accepted norm, finding one place to live certainly would be radical for me and my family.

Radical Creative One! Consider what would be the most radical thing you can do within your work. What are the traditions and accepted norms you have accepted as your own? Perhaps you have agreed with a definition of your work as sweet, violent, intriguing, joyful or _____? Perhaps there is a method to your creation that you routinely follow? Or a standard subject matter? A theme, a color, or a tool, you return to time and again? Consider what would be a change from these personal traditions and accepted norms in your work. Make a radical change, however small it may look from the outside, it will feel large and stimulating from the inside.




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