too much information

December 20, 2010

Oh Creative One, 3 weeks ago clementines came into season and were shipped from Spain to little old Glasgow. My pregnant self saw these clementines in the market and I have eaten almost a bag of these citrus beauties every day since. I have witnesses. I do not exaggerate. They calm a certain pregnant craving. Oddly, these highly acidic fruits do not cause and even quell the persistent heartburn I’ve had with this babe. Today, after all of the snow and ice storms, I had a 3 week old urine test result delivered via mail from the NHS. I apparently have a slight urinary tract infection. I will go in to have a second test and to get antibiotics from the doctor if need be. But I must also note that high doses of vitamin c, such as that found in clementines, are a natural treatment and preventive measure for urinary tract infections. It provided another private example that my body knows what it needs to take care of myself and the babe in utero.

Craving Creative One! I want you to follow every craving your creative self tells you. If you are craving time with clay, but you identify as a writer, give in and let the clay teach you something. If you are craving time with your kids and not in the studio figuring the light in your painting, go romp with the littles and get back to your studio later. Your creative self will definitely take good care of you if you listen to its cravings.


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