more than sexy back

December 17, 2010

Oh Creative One, permit me a longer story as we start the weekend. I’ve sat in front of my dashboard, ready to write to you, all day today. I couldn’t find the thing you needed to hear today. I just had moans and groans. I thought today’s entry was lost until I watched some videos on MTV whilst I was brushing my teeth. Justin Timberlake is on a video showdown with Usher. Before I continue, I must admit that I do not regret not pursuing dance as an art form. Mostly because I really love to dance my own absolutely crazy raw dancing way. I dance whenever there is a chance. Weddings, Christmas parties, clubs. If there were dj’s at funerals, I would dance at a funeral. When Justin Timberlake and 2006ish Usher are on, I feel like I’m a squealing 12 year old again and then I fantasize that somehow I am at a very fancy party and dancing in my own very vibrant way and everyone says, “Who is that wildly wonderful 40 year old on the dance floor? I wish I were her.” Then, in tonight’s fantasy mid-fluoride treatment, Justin comes over and asks, “Who are you?” and then I say, “Sorry, you may not fall in love with me because I have this fabulous husband.But we can become good friends and you may ask my opinion on what crazy moves to use on your dance floor Mr. Timberlake.” My husband then awkwardly lets me do my running jump into his arms as the crowd parts, which he lets me do as often as I ask in real life. JT then knows how very special myself and my husband are. We all become trusted friends that dance often at my dinner parties.

Fantastical Creative One! Dive into your fantasy life. It’s really alright, even if you’re brushing your teeth. It might just put you in a good enough mood to happily fall asleep and get over the blues in your way of doing good work.


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