how strange

December 16, 2010

Oh Creative One, today was lost on icey sidewalks, school runs, an ill husband, a Christmas party, garbage that’s not been picked up in 2 weeks, a truncated grocery store run in prep for the next storm, an ante-natal appointment and squirmy children. I had spent so much of my day looking at the sidewalk just a step ahead to ensure my pregnant self did not crack my tailbone, I had not looked up. My ill husband braved the streets, picked myself and the kids up afterschool.  After our return home, but before I opened the car door to attempt the few steps to the house, I caught the sky in the rearview mirror. It was if the sky was new to me. There was a peak of blue, clouds fringed with the colors of a winter sun, a clearness that was strange and refreshing. I sat and looked until my son started writing “Get out of the car” in the fog on the car windows.

Curious Creative One! Be open to seeing the familiar as if you are a stranger or as if the familiar were strange. If you do catch that moment. Relish it. It doesn’t matter if you create from that strange encounter. These moments need only feed your soul.


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