take the long way home

December 10, 2010

Oh Creative One, it is getting harder for me to walk with this babe in utero. Every time I stand, it seems I’m getting larger and I have 10 weeks left! No one shovels in Scotland. No one spreads grit on the side roads and as it warms, the transforming snow refreezes at night causing ever increasing slip dangers the next day.  It is treacherous for me and makes me more housebound than most in this weather. When I crane my head from the upstairs window,  I can see the Cairngorms from my snowbound house. They call out in the winter sun, “Come on, get out the door.” Sigh. If only…   As you know, I’m reading Rebecca Solnit’s “Wanderlust.” Here is what she says about mazes and labyrinths: “sometimes you have to turn your back on your goal to get there, sometimes your farthest away when you’re closest, sometimes the only way is the long one.” (p. 69)

Lusting Creative One! There is still so much to be done before you finish. I know you can see your goal if you just peak over the hedge, but you’ve got a ways to go and for good reason. There’s lots of necessary work to be done before you get to the end.  In the words of the band “Supertramp,” take the long way home. Trust that you will get to your goal despite the length of your journey. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the walk.


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