scream queen

December 8, 2010

Oh Creative One, when I went to NYC this past April to meet up with beloved and missed gal pals, I did not scream or squeal with joy as I had wanted. I gave them a big hug. Turned my back as they checked into the hotel and bit my index finger knuckles to suppress the eeks and cries of joy I had. One of the patrons, who knew from our previous small talk that my friends were arriving, caught me mid-gnaw and just shook his head. In retrospect, where would the harm be? Shouting briefly in a posh hotel might’ve woken those well outside my tax bracket up. I wouldn’t have been kicked out. I would do nothing but let many others know I am alive enough to feel that wonderful and appreciative about my friends.

Joyful Creative One! Today I took a camera out into the blizzard and took pictures of the people I am thrilled to know in this beautiful weather occasion. I did not supress my joy or interest in the weather or my growing friendships. There is no need to suppress your emotions. They are one of your many gifts. Surely, you’ve absorbed the social norms for so long, you are in no danger of transgressing in an irredeemable way. Go on, get your fingers out of your mouth. Scream a little.


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