You are fab!

December 6, 2010

Oh Creative One, this past weekend, I sent a photo-note via email to my husband across 2 oceans and 3 land masses. It was a photo of my ever-expanding and stretchmarked belly and a note that said, “Greetings from Newt.” Newt is my in-utero name for this little one and comes from the Aliens movie. But I digress and to explain won’t make any sense unless you are a sci-fi fan. My husband replied, “You are fab.” I was going to reply to him how I wasn’t quite so fab, just weird and unproductive. Weird in that I sent a gestating belly shot. Unproductive in that I spent the one afternoon that I had to myself whilst he was away taking belly shots and staring at the sunlight changing on the snow rather than writing, reading, cooking, paying bills, or even cleaning. Correct that, I did do a load of laundry. But, instead of pointing out my faults to my husband which I trust he knows well by now, I just let his perception of my fabulousness sit there. I received it from the ether and let it hang out with me even after the kids came home from school and playdates.

Fabulous Creative One! You are Fab! There you go. Let it hang out there with you today. Let this knowledge accompany you to work, while you talk with friends, while you have a coffee and a sweet. Let this sentence, “You are fab,” whisper and hum or perhaps even shout in your ear as you find a minute or an hour or a day to create. You are fab.


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