December 3, 2010

Oh Creative One, as you know, I’m pregnant and due the first week of February. I am getting large and unweildy. I sleep according to this babe’s needs. I eat according to the babe’s needs.  My hips are hurting and spreading because the babe needs room. The babe is stretching my tummy to the extent that I don’t know how it could stretch more in the next 10 weeks. I manage pain and headaches without much medication due to the babe. I have heartburn that’s constantly searing despite food changes and calcium carbonate. I can’t bend the same way and clothes don’t fit the same – even my wardrobe and footwear reflects the needs of this babe. I don’t even walk normally due to the babe.   The whole of my body and my actions are in service to another, yet I don’t really mind.

Growing Creative One! Try on the feeling of being wholly in service to your creative work. Sleep, eat, work, wear, walk, talk –  all of it in the service of your creative life. Let your creative life dictate your decisions, large and small. Let it tell you what to wear, when to eat, how to bathe, where your thoughts wander when you’re walking alone in the snow.


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