no other purpose

December 2, 2010

Oh Creative One, I watched CNN’s Icon this past weekend. It discussed the sale of contemporary art. Embedded in the artist’s discussion was this sense of purpose. The purpose of his/her art. What the art “says” or was meant to “say.” Damien Hirst’s fish-in-formaldehyde sculpture recently sold for around 5.6$ at the Frieze Art Fair. Keep in mind that I’m still paying off student debt from a decade ago and I suppose if I were paying that much for a piece of art, it would be a bonus to have a purpose for it. Mr Hirst has offered this purpose in its title, “The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths.”

Thoughtful Creative One! Certainly a sign of outstanding work is when it reaches the sublime; when the work conveys and creates many ideas, purposes, and meanings whilst being just one “thing,” like a painting or book or sculpture. Yet, what about just making something because you find it beautiful? Thought provoking? Interesting to you alone? Simply necessary for you to create? What about making something whilst ignoring our purpose driven society? Really, you’ve no other purpose except to make what you feel called to make.


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