sometimes my husband is right

November 30, 2010

Oh Creative One! On Friday, my husband said, “Just take a nap.” I had wanted to get some writing done, print on my letterpress, a load of laundry, clean the bathrooms and wipe down the kitchen floor. I also needed to find my mittens, my passport, and bake something – bread? – for a party on Saturday. Take a nap! Take a nap? My gestating self was getting larger by the minute as I stood staring at the wood paneling in our hallway trying to figure what to do next. I went to lay down on my bed and stared. I stared at the wood pigeons pecking red berries off the neighbors trimmed hedges. I stared at the wind in the pine across the way. I stared at the clouds shifting and the light slipping surely into dark. I didn’t achieve a proper drooling-sleeping nap either, but my husband texted me and wrote, “Sounds like a successful afternoon. Good Job.”

Favorite Creative One! There is this push for production isn’t there? A standard introduction to conversation is “What did you do this weekend? today?” or, “What are you up to?” My husband’s right. Remember, sometimes it is alright just to take in the light, stare at the flora and fauna, mark your time on earth by watching the clouds drift.


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