November 25, 2010

Oh Creative One, I am worried that my post yesterday was a bit exclusive in a way that I don’t think accurately reflects my beliefs on “creating vs. the creative.” Mama W is a new friend at my daughter’s preschool. I adore her. She is fiesty and funny, yet “not creative” – according to her. But consider that she is an attorney by training pre-children. Her medium, I believe, is that of language. She can manipulate it like few can in a non-fiction sense that is hysterical once delivered on the playground. She finds pleasure in her children’s growing sense of language. She is bright and articulate. I always feel better after speaking with her.

Wonderful Creative One! The Creative can be found outside the arts and humanities section of your local university. The Creative can be found in a surgeon, a librarian, a computer science engineer, even an accountant. I mean really, those accountants at Enron were creatives without a legal outlet and caused sick and creepy damage to individuals, families, and an entire economy. Just because someone isn’t covered in clay or paint or not tumbling over words on a stage or a page, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a creative.


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