November 22, 2010

Oh Creative One, you know I’m a fan of shows like American Idol and the X Factor. I love it when someone who is groaningly bad is actually told to focus his energy elsewhere. As Simon Cowell says, “You should never sing in public again.” Though, I find that I am worried about my own creative work in similar way. Perhaps if there were a contest for writers, I would be groaningly bad. Perhaps I shouldn’t even dream for a career where I am at least reasonably paid for the work I love to do. But then, I think of my husband who runs 15 miles every two weeks or so. He is no marathon runner. He isn’t fast. He still has a gut from sitting at a desk or an airplane most of waking hours. But it keeps all of him healthier if he runs. A few miles here, a few more miles there, and 15 or more when he can.

Aware Creative One! Respect and practice your creative work for the simple fact that it is a necessary part of keeping the whole of you well and fit. When you can, how you can, for however long you can. I’m glad you’re here even if you are groaningly bad.


2 Responses to “groan”

  1. Saara said

    This made me laugh. I’m a big Idols fan, too. And there is something very liberating about the truth, spelled out by Simon (or by the Swedish jury, as I mostly watch the Swedish version).

    But what if it would be me, and my paintings being criticized?

    Once again, you are right. I know I care too much about what others think. Sometimes it feels like there is no need to keep trying, unless I know for sure my art will make headlines. I wish there was a way out of that way of thinking.

    • I know, I know. That’s why I think it is helpful to not have the only purpose for my work be “to make an impact.” Maybe it is just to keep me happy and sane too! Super to hear from you. Best, Jenna

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