snuggle up

November 16, 2010

Oh Creative One! My daughter slept in a whole 2 hours past her usual wake-and-wonder time. The neighbors took my son into school as she ate breakfast and I took her vitals. No fever, no emesis, no sore throat, nothing terrible or brewing in her little self. She just needed some time. She wanted to cuddle while eating breakfast, while getting dressed, while brushing her teeth…She has just announced, after donning her red cowgirl boots and pink tutu, that she is now ready to go to school and paint. Nothing is wrong, she just needed some time and some love.

Cuddle-y Creative One! You know all to well that the creative act brings with it many moods. Sometimes it is cheerful, other times wild and wind-blown, other times kind and gentle. Use today as a reminder of the comforts and ease that can be found in your art when you give yourself some time and some love.


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