listen and cut

November 12, 2010

Oh Creative One, a consistently happy 3-year-old with a child’s scissors near her already questionable hair at 6:56 am means a few things. 1) She is asserting her independence – as usual for my daughter. 2) She is more clever than I am as I had those scissors up high, in a cupboard, previously unreachable. How she got them is being added to our list of personal family mysteries. 3) This one is most important: the scissors called to her. They are scissors after all and they are built to cut things. If there isn’t anything to cut like paper, or yarn, or ribbon and the scissors must cut, then by all means, my daughter must cut her hair.

Listening Creative One! This weekend, I’m encouraging you to listen to the tools of your art. If it is a paintbrush, what does that particular paintbrush do? Is it whispering, calling out, “Please make delicate lines with me to your delight?” Or perhaps it is a wider brush saying, “Fill any space in with abandon, please. I am begging you.” Perhaps there is a word murmuring its use to you? A carving tool? A forgotten hillside begging you to take your camera and listen?


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