keep on

November 10, 2010

Oh Creative One, I just saw this ad for volkswagen on the telly. Oh my lands! It was marvelous. I sat with my hubby and watched these latin dancers with amazing bodies and wonderful, wonderful moves for this advertisement that ended up being for a volkswagen. Try as I might, I can’t find the link. But, none-the-less, my husband and I were drawn from our computers the moment the ad started. Then, we began saying things like, “Wow. What’s this all about? They are awesome. Who can dance like that? What is the ad for? Who cares? I could watch this forever. Whoever makes ads like this I want to work for.” Then, came the picture of the car and somebody voiced over something I’m sure. But really, all you’re left wanting is the car so that you can see more of the dancers. I’m so thankful someone hired those dancers and paid them and filmed them so beautifully after I’m sure were long days on set – just for me to stumble across them twisting so surely in time.

Strong Creative One! It gives me so much pleasure to trip across your work in the most unlikely of places. Keep casting your work out there. It will be found and enjoyed and wanted. I promise you.


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