mommy-gangs are nothing

November 9, 2010

Oh Creative One, one of my friends has hit quite a long rough patch with her eldest. The mother and daughter are nearing a point of change.  A baby step required for this change is that my friend’s eldest walk 2 blocks to ballet class by herself. Speaking of this change on the playground one of the mommy-gang looked hesitantly at my friend. How rude! The mommy-gang member does not live in the this family, does not have the same daughter, does not have the same heartache and struggle and worries that my friend has. Rude.

Adored Creative One. There will be others that look at your work cross-eyed. They will hesitate and think they know better, particularly if your work is still not quite finished. Like the mommy-gang member, those “know-it-betters” do not know your struggles with your work. They do not know your worries. They do not live the life you must live outside of your creative needs. They do not know why you must make the piece you fret over. Rude. Even I don’t know that stuff. But, I do know how very important you are and I do know that I am ready to listen and that I am so glad you’re here.


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