daylight savings

November 8, 2010

Oh Creative One, my son is learning to tell time. Short are the days when I can say at 6 am, “It’s still sleeping time,” in the hush of a house awakening and eek another half hour of quiet or, gasp, sleep without the little ones roaming. Terrible things will happen once he learns to tell time. For example, he will learn the word, “should” and a true shedding of childhood begins. -We should leave now to get to school on time. -We should dress now to be ready to go to the rugby match. -We should brush our teeth to be ready for bed so that we can be fresh for the next morning.

TImely Creative One, I’m encouraging you to banish the internal clocks you have unknowingly set. tick – I should have published by now. tock- I should have finished this painting. tick- I should go to bed and finish the read-thru in the morning. Banish those little tick-tocks, if only for a day. Enjoy the mantle of creating without a timed consequence.


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