what marathon runners don’t know

November 3, 2010

Oh Creative One, erg. I did it again. I’m just not technically savvy and the elephant entry was for Monday and then boof. Had to manually publish it for yesterday when my day just was rotten. I’m off to get some official help and wordpress.com are the best for helping. So, thanks for your patience. Now for today’s story. I keep thinking about how Morgan Freeman said in his “Inside the Actor’s Studio” that every time he was just about to give up, someone encouraged him. Who do I have to encourage me? My days have been for crap lately: figuring out how to set auto-publishing on this site, receiving a rejection letter for a story, failing u.k. driver’s test, gestating with ever-itching and growing stretchmarks, whining children, unpacking boxes for the umpteenth year in a row/fourth time in a year…bah! The list goes on and includes rather immature things that I just don’t want to own up to right now like a barista gave me the wrong change and I didn’t have the gumption to ask for the 3 quid I had coming without bursting into tears. I feel like I fail EVERY DAY. My poor husband, sigh, I’m so hormonal he has no idea how to encourage me. Really, who do I have to encourage me? Who would I believe?

Adored Creative One, this blog is just for you. A reminder that I am in your corner. I am absolutely ready to give you credit for trying and not in that wimpy “everyone is a winner” way. In that honest way, resting in the knowledge that creativity requires a stamina unknown to marathon runners.


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