sometimes my husband is right

November 30, 2010

Oh Creative One! On Friday, my husband said, “Just take a nap.” I had wanted to get some writing done, print on my letterpress, a load of laundry, clean the bathrooms and wipe down the kitchen floor. I also needed to find my mittens, my passport, and bake something – bread? – for a party on Saturday. Take a nap! Take a nap? My gestating self was getting larger by the minute as I stood staring at the wood paneling in our hallway trying to figure what to do next. I went to lay down on my bed and stared. I stared at the wood pigeons pecking red berries off the neighbors trimmed hedges. I stared at the wind in the pine across the way. I stared at the clouds shifting and the light slipping surely into dark. I didn’t achieve a proper drooling-sleeping nap either, but my husband texted me and wrote, “Sounds like a successful afternoon. Good Job.”

Favorite Creative One! There is this push for production isn’t there? A standard introduction to conversation is “What did you do this weekend? today?” or, “What are you up to?” My husband’s right. Remember, sometimes it is alright just to take in the light, stare at the flora and fauna, mark your time on earth by watching the clouds drift.



November 29, 2010

Oh Creative One, as you know I’ve been reading Rebecca Solnit’s “Wanderlust.” Here is a comment on the act of writing, “To write is to carve a new path through the terrain of imagination, or to point out new features on a familiar route.” (p72) Really, couldn’t this be said of all art and the artistry found in other modes of creativity? A painter’s job is to show us another way of seeing a face or catching a moment we’ve not noticed before. An outstanding surgeon finds that little something mid-suture that works just right in repairing that particular person’s body. An actor finds the new subtleties in expressing the words that have been spoken and the pauses that have been held for years, decades, even centuries.

Trekking Creative One! One of the reasons I’m glad you’re around is that the new path you carve, no matter how earth shattering large or soul comforting small it is, makes my heart beat happily. You re-invigorate me. I’ so very, very glad you’re here.


November 26, 2010

Oh Creative One, yesterday was Thanksgiving Day for Americans. I get frustrated as Americans often get slammed for Thanksgiving Day as it is often reduced to another day of gluttony with a commercialized Christmas just around the corner. But for me, Thanksgiving is what Christmas should be. A day of giving thanks, without gifts and with good food. It is inclusive in that you need only be ready to acknowledge what you are thankful for and not with an exclusive religious history lurking in the background.

Thankful Creative One. Remember all the wonderful things your art provides for you. Be thankful this weekend for the ability to do your work. Know that I am thankful you are around.


November 25, 2010

Oh Creative One, I am worried that my post yesterday was a bit exclusive in a way that I don’t think accurately reflects my beliefs on “creating vs. the creative.” Mama W is a new friend at my daughter’s preschool. I adore her. She is fiesty and funny, yet “not creative” – according to her. But consider that she is an attorney by training pre-children. Her medium, I believe, is that of language. She can manipulate it like few can in a non-fiction sense that is hysterical once delivered on the playground. She finds pleasure in her children’s growing sense of language. She is bright and articulate. I always feel better after speaking with her.

Wonderful Creative One! The Creative can be found outside the arts and humanities section of your local university. The Creative can be found in a surgeon, a librarian, a computer science engineer, even an accountant. I mean really, those accountants at Enron were creatives without a legal outlet and caused sick and creepy damage to individuals, families, and an entire economy. Just because someone isn’t covered in clay or paint or not tumbling over words on a stage or a page, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a creative.

Oh Creative One, I am also a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. Don’t misread, I’m not a vampire genre fan in general. I am a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I just read an article whereby Mr. Whedon is apparently not going to be included in a proposed Buffy movie. Sigh. True. The movie could stink or it could be fine or it could kick vampire ass. But, it does make me worry about the movie without the Whedon-works in the mix.

Fan-worthy Creative! I do believe that all humans have the capacity to create. But I don’t think that all humans have the capacity to be “a Creative.” Not everyone’s soul purrs at the thought of graduating with a computer science major. Not everyone feels much, much better after an evening of painting with the tunes on and the sun setting.  Even if your work doesn’t reach sparkly dizzying heights of fame or financial security, it does indeed validate that you are a Creative. Like Mr. Whedon, you bring your own and lovely brand of goodness to the work before you. I’m glad you’re here.  I would worry if someone else was creating that piece you’re working on in your stead.


November 23, 2010

Oh Creative One, my daughter showed me her knee today. She said, “Look at that. The owie is all healed. It is all goned. All go-ed away.” Her knee had indeed healed and there was no evidence of a scrape that had been caused by one of her frequent tumbles. She’s hit an age where her body is bigger than she’s had time to adjust to and she stumbles so much we call her stumblina.

Tumbling Creative One! I don’t want you to think that all healing means that everything returns to normal. Sometimes there is a scar and usually for major life events like childbirth, or a car accident, or even a chosen tattoo. Those scars should be carried with grace and pride into every aspect of your life, including your creative work. They are a part of you and I’m thankful for it.


November 22, 2010

Oh Creative One, you know I’m a fan of shows like American Idol and the X Factor. I love it when someone who is groaningly bad is actually told to focus his energy elsewhere. As Simon Cowell says, “You should never sing in public again.” Though, I find that I am worried about my own creative work in similar way. Perhaps if there were a contest for writers, I would be groaningly bad. Perhaps I shouldn’t even dream for a career where I am at least reasonably paid for the work I love to do. But then, I think of my husband who runs 15 miles every two weeks or so. He is no marathon runner. He isn’t fast. He still has a gut from sitting at a desk or an airplane most of waking hours. But it keeps all of him healthier if he runs. A few miles here, a few more miles there, and 15 or more when he can.

Aware Creative One! Respect and practice your creative work for the simple fact that it is a necessary part of keeping the whole of you well and fit. When you can, how you can, for however long you can. I’m glad you’re here even if you are groaningly bad.

November 21, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’m trying the auto-publish tool again. If you still see this by 10am tomorrow, well, I’ve failed. Again. Please know that there is a proper entry hiding in cyberspace just for you.

walk on

November 19, 2010

Oh Creative One, there are some books that I pick up at uncanny moments in my life. For example, almost every time I pick up Rebecca Solnit’s “Wanderlust,” I find myself in the midst of a move across the town, across the country, or to a new country. Determined to break the cycle and knowing I need to be here in Scotland until the new one is born, I picked it up again last night and re-read the first chapter again. It begins with a walk in terrain that I have walked myself and I found it comforting but in such a way as to not make me cry from homesickness. Here is a quote, “Walking itself is the intentional act closest to the unwilled rhythms of the body, to breathing and the beating of the heart. It strikes a delicate balance between working and idling, being and doing. It is a bodily labor that produces nothing but thoughts, experiences, arrivals.”

Delicate Creative One, this weekend take a walk. Bring a friend or not. Have a destination or not. But do receive the thoughts, experiences and arrivals that to which only your creativity can find. Enjoy…

future shmuture

November 18, 2010

Oh Creative One, at first this might sound as if it is induced by my pregnancy hormones. But, I have proof in my journals that it is not. I get tearfully and desperately discouraged sometimes and it feels like the desires I have for my creative life are just not worthy of coming true. One of the best bits of advice I got a while ago was from my friend Angela and for a totally different problem. She said, “You have to think ahead, but you have to deal with what’s in front of you right now. You can’t just sit and wonder about the future all the time.”

Discouraged Creative One, what must you do right now? What are the tasks that you must do right now, besides work to pay your bills? Do you need to submit your stories or audition or find your way to the studio? Take a deep breath, wipe away your worries and get the creative work done.