cowgirl princess ballerina

October 29, 2010

Oh Creative One, my children’s respective halloween parties are today and tomorrow there’s a costume disco put on by my son’s school. Costumes and role play abound. My daughter had planned on being a cowgirl complete with the cowboy boots my mom sent her from the States. However, she walked out the door as a cowgirl princess ballerina with a tutu, a sparkly necklace, hat, red boots, flower shirt, polka dot tights, green leggings, faux cowhide vest, and a wand. There is that maxim, the one that Oprah and self-help gurus, and your own experience teaches you. The one that goes: pretend what you want to become. So, if you want to be happy, choose the positive outlook on a crisis. If you want to be popular, talk to lots of people. If you want to be kinder, remember to say please and thank you and act more kindly.

Wonderful Creative One, think of what you’d like to become and practice. Even take on just the smallest bit of the mantle of your wish. If you’d like to be a famous designer, think about what those famous designers do. Do they keep a sketchbook by their bedside? Do they meet up with colleagues over coffees and chat about , oh-not-much-at-all? Do they write about fashion for a newspaper or keep a blog? Perhaps they wear their own clothing? Whatever it is, do it, no matter how silly or little – even if it includes being a cowgirl princess ballerina for a minute, an hour, or gasp- a whole day.


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