i’m not a bedouin

October 27, 2010

Oh Creative One, I sold almost all of my books before we left for Scotland. At the time, I was trying to live out a philosophy that I was teaching to my kids; people matter more than stuff. But, there are some things that I have found are a bit more than stuff. My daughter has an old pillow case of mine that is her “fifi.” It is her comfort and such a part of her, it is sickly inappropriate to use it as a consequence or punishment – “If you don’t ____, you may not have your fifi.” It would be like saying to her that she may not have her hands or or her heart. I miss my books. I have a palpable sadness and heartache without my books. Certainly, my daughter and I would survive without our respective fifi and books, but thriving after survival would certainly include these items. I’m just not a successful bedouin and a lesson I wish I had never felt compelled to learn.

Lovely Creative One! Go ahead and list your faults. List every single one of them. If that list includes faults that damage or destroy others, certainly strive to be more than those soul-shaking faults. But the rest? Bah. Could care less. I don’t care what they are as long as you bring your real and true self to the table. Bring all your self, faults and failures and strengths and joys. Get to work. So glad you’re here.


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