large and wonderful for the world

October 25, 2010

Oh Creative One! I missed you! Here’s something to ponder. Consider the incredible core beliefs that an artist must have. I was listening to U2 the other day and The Edge played the same 2 notes over and over on “Where the Streets Have No Name.” If I picked two notes and played them over and over, you would laugh. But, The Edge, had incredible faith and knowledge that these two notes were just the thing we all needed to hear, right then, over and over again. All of his experience and practice allowed him to find those two notes and have complete and utter faith in them. Just those two harmless notes…

Faithful Creative One! Can you imagine having enough faith in the beauty of the two notes you choose? What about knowing that the color of red you’ve found is so great that there is no question it must be an entire painting? Whatever your beloved art form. Find the small bits you have utter faith in expose them large and wonderful for the world.


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