Find Your People

October 20, 2010

Oh Creative One, first business. I have to take my computer in for warranty repairs. My keyboard is quite literally dying. 1mm cracks forming around the edges, no tab key, no number one key, the q is soon to follow… My dog did not eat my homework and I did not have a very pregnant few days. It’s just that my computer needs to be repaired. Now the real stuff: I wax on about finding and nurturing your community. For some artists, it is particularly difficult and different. I’m thinking of writers, sculptors, painters…they are often lone wolves and the communities offered are lately found in the strict structure of classes rather than comrade. But, there is important value in finding your people. If you don’t believe me, consider this interview of Steven Johnson listed at the end. This rare sudden flash of genius isn’t rare only in the scientific world, philosophers, writers, mathematicians, all have histories of the best ideas coming from the community they keep, the conversations they have, the walks they went on together to clear their heads.

Solitary Creative One! I value your work and will absolutely give you credit. Now, go outside and share the sandbox.

Don’t forget, I’ll be gone for a few days due to computer error. Misses…


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