Consider the Sprinters

October 14, 2010

Oh Creative One, one of the most important points in Mr. Reilly’s interview below is that fact that supporting roles are in a way harder work than a lead role. They are a sprint of skill; short, transient, yet necessary in nature.

Diligent Creative One, consider the analogy of Mr. Reilly’s assessment of supporting roles within your own work. Even within a painting, a sculpture, a handwoven piece, are the supporting aspects doing all they can to create the whole? Sure, the sculpture may be a face, but what about the arc of the neck? Or the twist of an ear? What about your handwoven scarf? Is the fringe too long? The color? The fiber choice doing all it can for the function and the user? We are all necessary as are all the wee bits that go into your work. Pause and make sure you consider them all.


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