scaredy cat

October 13, 2010

I really like those entries that never posted as I planned. I am staring at the screen forgetting all that I wanted to write to you because I really just want to publish these bits. So, here you go, a bit later. This one comes from the week where I believed I could grant you powers all with a  the use of my daughter’s unused wand and fairy dress as she is a tomboy afraid of tulle.

Oh Creative One, it can be a bit scary to be consumed by your art, can’t it? But, that’s why I put such an emphasis on your community and surroundings. Those delightfully boring non-creatives in the mommy-gangs, they are needed and necessary too. Just as grocery shopping and mortgage or rent payments and a change in the weather are needed and necessary. These bits will catch you when it gets to be too much. Again, I don my twinkly gown and wand…

Afraid Creative One! I grant you permission to not be afraid when you are consumed by your creative work. The other non-creative bits of life will catch you if you lose your breath. I will most certainly be there if you lose your way. Ting!


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