You will offend

October 7, 2010

Oh Creative One, I read the interview with Uta Kogelsberger in The Guardian this morning. Her top tip for a good photo? “Do what you believe in. Don’t let anyone stop you.” It is the same thing that Lady Gaga said at the end of her performance for American Idol last season whilst hanging out of an oversized bathtub with creepy-colored dancers snarling around her.

Faithful Creative One! Stop. Take a moment to breath and shake off all the glitter and junk we can’t help but collect. What exactly do you believe in? I guarantee that if it is a real belief of yours you will have to educate some and offend others. Don’t fret. You’ll find a way to believe with grace.

p.s. Tomorrow I will be taking my UK driver’s exam. As I have confessed before, these sorts of things prey on my delightfully neurotic nature, so no posting from me til next week. Please note that the word on the street is that you always fail it the first time around. Sigh. Send my good vibes.


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