Sex, friendship, food

October 5, 2010

Oh Creative One! Last week was the start of Paris fashion week. I’m not fashionable in the sense that all of my clothes are machine washable and look alright if they are wrinkled as long as my mother isn’t looking at me and judging what “alright” means. However, I am deeply interested in image and art in whatever form it takes. This year’s fashion jaw droppers come more from the models chosen rather than the clothes upon them. Zac Posen used well-known plus-sized models randomly throughout his show and said that he wanted to create clothes, “for women who love life, and all the best things in it – sex, friendship, food.” – The Guardian G2 October 1, 2010

Forever Creative One! Without looking at your latest masterpiece, consider the following: For whom is your work? The passerby? The elite? Your mother? A classmate? Yourself? If you were interviewed at the end of your last completed piece, what three nouns would represent your work? Not adjectives, nouns. There, now look at your work. Is it all that you hoped? Is it really done with the audience and nouns you had in mind? If not, perhaps it’s time to return to the piece or start afresh with those discoveries in mind. Don’t forget. I just adore you!


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