Quite Interesting

September 21, 2010

Oh Creative One, my son got a pair of binoculars this weekend. Everything must be viewed through them. Me, the cars outside, the television, his sandwich for lunch. Everything must be viewed through the binoculars. When I asked him why he liked doing that, he shrugged. He gave me the binoculars and told me to look and then said, “See, all the bits. It makes it quite interesting.” It is quite British to use the word quite when 5 years old and I worry that he will be beat up on an American playground for using this word when we return to the States. But, I also veer towards being delightfully neurotic and that is a topic for another post.

Carefree Creative One! You thought you were done, didn’t you? You thought that painting or poem or story or vase you made off in the corner was done. But no, it’s not because I’m asking you to take a look at its most boring part. The part that is fine, but not as sparkly as the rest. Take a drafting sheet or another piece of clay or whatever and view that boring part as if through binoculars. Blow it up large and see what you find. Pretend you are Georgia O’Keefe painting a flower close-up. There is plenty of room for mistakes as this is only a draft. But, do go exploring with binoculars. I bet what you find is actually quite interesting.


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