thrill me

September 17, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’ve been thinking loads about likes and dislikes. What works and does not work. I’m thinking about it because I would like for an agent to “like” my work. To say “Yes – we will have you as one of ours.” But then it starts to get messy, creating for others when you don’t know the others and you can’t find the link between your work and their likes or even their industry’s needs.

Needed Creative One! Really, preference has nothing to do with it at this point does it? What help would it be, really, to know that someone liked your work? Or disliked it for that matter? It might feel good or feel like crud. But, remember that person might not like your backpack, or your underwear, or the sandwich you made for lunch either. Preference is just that, preference and it’s not helpful while you are working. You are a creative. What matters are the descriptions of your work. It matters if the blue you chose does its job, not if someone likes blue. Keep at it. It thrills me that you’re here. Have a good weekend and know that I find your work necessary.


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