lil’ un

September 15, 2010

Oh Creative One! I saw one of us today on the subway. She was with her teenage friends. I knew it was one of us right away. As the other giggled and talked at each other and over each other and through each other, she noticed. She noticed the mum dozing in the corner with her daughter. She noticed the business man with excema on his hands. She dressed just a bit off kilter, but without blaring buttons or clothing yelling her creative status. She had a confidence that she was quite capable of seeing without screaming her unique self. While she contributed to her friends’ babbling, she was also clearly waiting for something beyond the desire to get off the train.  Granted, I may be biased. I liked her. She noticed my children and had a patient conversation with my son while he explained how to play snooker with golf clubs if you get bored waiting for your dad on the golf course.

Beloved Creative One! You are a part of a community. When you see a young one, say hello. Be patient with their youth. Be thankful for the company. Bring this gratitude to your work. I’m so glad you’re around.


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