What’s in your pocket?

September 14, 2010

Oh Creative One! This past weekend I read Camille Paglia’s article on Lady Gaga. Really interesting, but also nothing surprising if you are a creative yourself. Of course artists borrow from one another. Of course Lady Gaga is essentially a product of the internet/wacky sense of time and history and image age. Of course Ms. Paglia didn’t address the holes in her argument. Even if I agree with Ms. Paglia, she didn’t use Lady Gaga’s flame head or her meat dress to show non-appropriated material. Ms. Paglia did not address the basic feeling of outcast in the human condition that Lady Gaga surely has felt despite her popularity and uses to make money off of her “little monsters.” Of course Lady Gaga is fake with an entourage. She is a pop star, not a jazz singer, not a opera diva. A pop star. Lady Gaga isn’t even the artist’s birth name, it is a product name.

Adored Creative One, I have been giving a lot of thought to the identity. Maybe you are a creative one that is called to appropriate ever more flamboyantly and without regard to history or respect for emotions. Maybe you are called to bring something super new to the table and we will all miss whilst looking gobsmacked at Lady Gaga in a creepy outfit. Maybe you only need to make the world see an apple as they’ve never seen an apple before ala Cezanne. Whatever you’re called to do and whatever your failings, I don’t mind so much what the thinkers say. Just bring the goods. Bring what you’ve got hidden in your pocket.


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