Lay your ego down!

September 13, 2010

Oh Creative One! The past few days have been frustrating to me. I met a woman whose child is clearly not thriving. He is littered with weeping sores, weighs that of a 5 months old at 11 months, and barely sleeping. The thought is that the babe has severe food allergies, and while they are not as bad as my son’s, this baby has been diagnosed within the “failure to thrive.” But, any sound help, no matter how it is presented, this mom finds a way to twist it and send it on its way as invalid or not working. To her credit, I know the feeling of not being understood and of my child’s body responding beyond control or quick fixes. It is depressing to say the least. My son had his first episode of anaphylaxis at 5 months. Yet, this mom’s inability to put her pain and confusion aside to find a way thru this with her baby has left me beyond words.

Frustrating Creative One, when you hit that roadblock. When nothing you do seems to work, lay your ego aside. Put your worries in their box. Seek the help of artists who care. Try again despite your misgivings.


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