Your time has not run out.

September 9, 2010

Oh Creative One! When I lived in Seattle, I went to a symposium on “the artist.” One of the lecturers, I wish I could remember his name, said that true art belonged to the young. The young see things in new ways and are not afraid to take risks. What a bunch of crap. Don’t listen to that kind of junk. Really, what a waste of time it is to pigeon-hole something as vast as the concept of “art” and “the artist.”

Aging Creative One, art does not belong to the young. True art belongs to the explorer- to those willing to venture forth: internally, within their medium/s, and with the world at large. True art belongs to people who practice when and how to listen. Go exploring with a listening heart, no matter what your age. Your time has not run out.


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