It’s all yours baby.

September 7, 2010

Oh Creative One! Yesterday, I was reading about a housing program here in the UK. A group of people learn different parts of the building trade while putting up a house in which they earn 20% equity. They have a deadline, a set budget, and must donate 20 hours per week in addition to family, work, school, whatever else they’ve got going on. The first winter through the housing project, the team faultered. Some wanted to quit. Others didn’t put in the hours. It was cold and dark and difficult. The commentator didn’t necessarily like the architecture. But the end of the two year project, each team member had persevered, had learned a skill, had gotten off the public dole. Each had a home all their own.

Hard-working Creative One! It is worth the labor. Your creative art is worth every minute you spend daydreaming, hoping, doing… in the end, even if no one else likes it. It is all yours. Just yours.


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