without aversion or pleasure

September 3, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’ve been reading Tim Parks’ “Teach Us To Sit Still.” I admit, reading about prostate issues whilst gestating is odd. If it weren’t for my loyalty to my book group, I would’ve passed it by. Though, by the time I get around to reading anything, my burgeoning self is already sleeping. Yet, I’ve been thankful for some quotes that now stumble about my brain during waking hours, “If you experience pain, do not attach to it with aversion.”

My son came home from the driving range and did not describe his evening out as better or worse than his friend’s. He just described his day and left it at that. He then pretended he was a parasopholus whilst readying for bed.

Frustrated Creative One, really, you don’t need to identify yourself as “for” or “against” a kind of art or an artist or a movement within your given art form. I don’t care if you win acclaim or make a gazillion dollars or are happy, sad, angry, broke, or lost. Try not to care either. Try only to just be with your art. Then, come back from your forays and tell me all about it. I’m so glad you’re around even if you’ve become a golfing parasopholus after all is said and done.


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