September 2, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’ve been thinking a lot about champions – as in, “she is a champion of such-n-such cause.” I’ve never found the task that I’ve believed in with such passion as to become a “champion.” I donate cash and time to charities, but I’ve not found that burning desire or knowledge that a cause is worthy of taking time from my family and personal pursuits. Nothing really except the desire to encourage the creative in practical, real-world kind of way.

Creative Champion – Is there an element within your art that is neglected by the community? Does bad grammar make you grumpy? Or the disrespect for the sublime that can be found in the sunlight hitting the dew on a tree as you take your garbage to the corner? Maybe it’s the nepotism that exists in artists finding and getting work? Perhaps try the mantle on of being such an overlooked cause’s champion? See if it brings a renewed vigor to your own work.


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