just a dust-off from your fairy creative mother

August 25, 2010

Oh Creative One, my son’s instinct, when things don’t go his way, is to fall apart. I mean really fall apart. The large world rains down upon his small, well-meaning soul and is certainly out to destroy anything he set out to do. Often, I have to brush off his him off, tell him that it will all work out, point out the humor in the situation like that of a lego house-submarine-helicopter falling to bits upon the installation of a swimming pool, and remind him that it is time to have some fun.

Forgetful Creative One, I sometimes want to fall apart too. Even if you are one of those creatives that gets outside acknowledgment for your work, when it falls to bits before your eyes, I know you want to give up, pack it in, maybe even cry in a dark corner somewhere. This post is a reminder to dust yourself off, remember that it has always worked out in the end, and that it is time to have some fun. If you’ve found 5 minutes to do the thing you love, then you have found a luxury that most do not have. Keep up the good work.


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