Get Lost!

August 23, 2010

Oh Creative One, Matt had our kids and I had my lazies yesterday. I did and I rarely do. I just laid around and gestated and read “Home” by Marilynne Robinson. I read and read and cuddled the littles and kissed my husband and nibbled a few eats here and there and read some more. I read thu the morning and the afternoon and the dinner hour. I read thru the kids’ bedtime and on into the evening. I read until just before midnight when I finished. I really needed to slip into someplace different and oh! My! Such a book, such a book…

Working Creative One, allow yourself to dive into another artist’s work sometime this week. Splash! In you go! Stare at a painting, sculpture, poem, a quilt, whatever your art is… dive in and get lost. Notice the details. Relish the whole. See if there is a place for your journey amongst such wonders. Only come up for breath or nourishment when absolutely necessary. Upon surfacing from the other side, take notes. Have you found a new avenue for your own work? Is your creative self calmer? Or agitated and ready for more? Perhaps you have simply reacquainted yourself with the wider creative clan to which you belong? Whatever it may be, do enjoy. Welcome home.


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