August 20, 2010

Oh Creative One! In my early gestating state, I find that I create very little. I get started laying type or writing a story but quickly find that I’m off staring into space and thankful I’m not hurling in a toilet. But, this morning, I actually managed to make something. I made breakfast. I made oatmeal! My son’s favorite! But, in my nausea-induced fog, I scorched about half the batch on the bottom of the pan. What a drag. No worries though, there was plenty that wasn’t burned and perfectly yummy for eating.

Hungry Creative One. My tendency is to be a bit doomy-gloomy when I find that my book actually kinda stinks or that a story has ended up nowhere near the grand dream I had for it. But, like scorched oatmeal, if I’m not impulsive, there are always yummy salvageable bits.


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