She ain’t no cook.

August 19, 2010

Oh Creative One! I’ve got so many weird aches and pains with this pregnancy. Currently, my right knee has sharp pain when I bear weight on it. It feels like something is just tweaked funnily, but I can’t seem to untweak it to a pain-free state. My mother recommended ice and I finally listened to her. She is right. It is feeling loads better. My mother is not affectionate or emotional. She does not like to shop and she is a questionable cook at best. She is however, an amazing woman whose home remedies work. She can clean stains out of anything. Her garden is simple and beautiful and she takes a pure unwavering joy in her family.

Faulted Creative One. In the famous lyrics of Billy Joel. I love you just the way you are. Keep this in mind as you create today.


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