Don’t Mock Your Tutu

August 17, 2010

Oh Creative One! We are back from the Isle of Barra. Wild, remote, and the water is warmer than the California Coast’s! Who knew? Before we went on vacation, my daughter was mortally afraid of tulle. She has 3 tutus given to her by her grandmother and she has NEVER worn a single one. Since the Isle of Barra, when not wearing a wetsuit, she wears a tutu over her clothing. Every day. Every. Day. I suppose it is the only time in her life when ordinary requests like, “May I have a drink of water?” will be taken seriously whilst wearing questionable outfits. Sigh. In her defense, she has also started preschool and feels so good doing all these new “big kid things” that it shows. Old friends comment on her confident self singing songs, twirling on the playground, saying hello to new children.

Missed and Adored Creative One! Consider one of your most successful creative days. One of those days when it just felt so very good to make and do. I’m not necessarily thinking of high productivity or strokes of utter brilliance – though those moments could be included if you just felt plain old good whilst making and doing. Remember all the details that surrounded that moment. Remember things like: What did you have for lunch? To whom did you speak? Whatever did you wear? Revisit those details. Tuna Sandwich? Try to eat one. Every day. Every. day. For a week. Explore those seemingly silly details. See if they hold an avenue to that place of creativity as my daughter’s tutu.


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