August 3, 2010

Oh Creative One! My daughter collects items in her bed each night. Last night, there was a rubber iguana, a killer whale, 3 books, her fifi (blanket), a sleeping bag, a llama, 3 metal cars and my hairbrush. All were necessary. She woke at 3 am wailing, “I’ve lost my mouse! My mouse!” Mouse? Apparently, she had taken the purple pompom that she calls her mouse to bed and would not settle til she found it. Mostly I was amazed that in her slumber she was aware of each and every item in her collection.

Collecting Creative One! I know most do not realize the vast collection you’ve stored in your heart. Those moments when the light strikes your lover just so, when the trees whisper a secret, when your heart beats a rhythm that inspires you to try again – these are all a part of your collection. Some moments you’ve used, others you have not – yet. If you’ve lost something along the way, don’t hesitate to find it, even if it wakes the neighbors. All items are necessary. Here is to your ever expanding collection!


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