July 28, 2010

Oh Creative One! Yesterday I spent the morning at the doctor’s checking out the little thumper growing inside me. Posting just didn’t happen. Today, I am starving. I love eating good food and the thumper does not like much except plain, plain, plain food. Maddening. I could eat half a field of stir-fried bok choi with garlic and sesame and all I can eat is a saltine. My favorite cook is Alton Brown because he dives into the science behind the art of cooking. WHY is a turkey juicy after steeping in a salt bath for 24 hours? How does sugar caramelize? What does this information give us to create good, good food?

Hungry Creative One. In honor of my hungry self and in honor of my favorite cook, I want you to consider the science behind your art today. Consider that you might have been bad in science in high school because it was boring. Be open to the science behind your art and allow yourself to become intrigued. If you are a writer, consider the scientific research behind what words strike emotions of fear, happiness, anger, and bliss in us and why. If you are a painter, how does the paint dry? Why? What is the difference between synthetic and organic pigments? A sculptor – read into the science behind glazes and temperatures and clay. You are bright and you will discover a depth to your tool of choice that well serve you in the future.


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